Templar Executives and Marita Group Announce First Project for Post-Brexit Strategic Joint Venture

LONDON, November 04, 2021 

Templar Executives and Marita Group are delighted to announce that Maritemex, an exciting new international joint venture between the two companies, will be establishing a ‘Cyber Security Centre of Excellence for Africa’ with the Moroccan Government. A formal signing ceremony of the MOU between Maritimex and the Moroccan Government will take place in November when further details will be made available.  

The ‘Cyber Security Centre of Excellence for Africa’ will be a state-of-the-art facility situated in an exclusive area near Rabat, capital of Morocco. The courses and market leading training collateral will be provisioned from Templar Executives’ world class Cyber Academy supported by a prestigious UK-based University – more to be announced shortly. The diverse range of Cyber Security courses offered by the ‘Cyber  Security Centre of Excellence’ will include an MSc degree and a world-class MBA. The infrastructure and support will be provided by the Marita Group.

Morocco is one of the most connected countries in Africa, with an internet penetration of over 74%, and has already embarked on its fourth industrial revolution. There is a strong realisation that the goal towards greater economic prosperity relies not only on accelerated digitalisation but by creating a national capacity and capability that addresses the Cyber agenda. Maritemex has the full support of the British and Moroccan Governments and will bring together the best in terms of the relationship and expertise between the United Kingdom and Morocco in a post-Brexit era.

About Templar Executives

Templar Executives is an award winning, international Cyber Security and Information Assurance company. We are a British Crown Commercial Service Supplier and a trusted adviser to Governments, multi-national organisations and SMEs. We provide a world-class portfolio of expert industry specific Cyber Security solutions and services demystifying the Cyber threat landscape and providing a business enabling capability to build and enhance organisational Cyber resilience.

About Marita Group

Marita Group Holding, is a global company focused on turnkey solutions in real estate development, theme parks, smart cities, renewable energy and waste recovery, hydrogen production, electric mobility, sustainable agriculture and sustainable development, local mining development of natural resources, health, medical products, equipment, and supplies.